Transformation- Decoration

Had a flurry of visitors here yesterday and it feels like that;s going to be the case from now on, everybody seems to be stretching their wings and moving from their nests. So it feels like a time to get the gallery into shape as its been in a mess while I have worked on the two sites plus creating a large commission that turned out spectacular but sadly I can;t show you of the Indian Goddess Tripura Sundari. Early sketch below. Though working on Transformation at this time I am also sketching out a triptych of Shiva, Shakti and a mandala as the centerpiece. These are new and exciting styles for me and I am grateful to have had the chance to go to India in January and can re-connect with the sights and sounds I encountered. The contrast moving between the serene Buddhist temples and the vibrant and energetic Indian Temples that were off the tourist routes was amazing.

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