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Sacha Stone — We Are Consenting to Our Life Force Being Harvested

In this video we discuss all kinds of things from tax robbery to the toxic build up within human beings (biological weaponry) to keep them asleep and disconnected from their true self. Sacha Stone is a fierce warrior of the light... and came across the disturbing truths of what is taking place behind the scenes and the level of corruption that moves its way through all systems governing planet earth. He has devoted every waking day for the past 20 years in order to put a stop to it. Sacha's perspective on physical and metaphysical reality is incredibly powerful ... as he see's NO victims... only powerful God's dressed in human suits... who are in the process of remembering their own divine spark. During our interview Sacha shares that we are all giving permission to everything that is currently in existence. Although at any given moment we can revoke our permission, which is what is happening on a global scale as we speak. We are moving through huge shifts and as Sacha says.... "we've already won." I couldn't agree with this statement more... but of course some trials and tribulations still lie ahead. Enjoy the video... and share with your beloveds if you feel they are ready for the message. Sacha has many more powerful videos on various topics, check them out on the ITNJ's YouTube channel or head straight to his website. ITNJ:

Sacha's Website:

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