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Céad Míle Fáilte

If the Gods want it and its good for your evolution, you and it will be divinely supported, truly blessed and guided by a higher hand!

" I came to Tara in June 2014 and had no idea that a proposed two month exhibition would lead to a 6 year stay on the Hill.

I very quickly came to realise how much the Hill meant to people and began to feel how much of a responsibility it was being here 24/7 and being the custodian of this building and how it would unfold and grow.

The energy of Tara and the gallery building has certainly been a fantastic inspiration for my creative process and have certainly done some of my finest work while being here.

Tara, as most of you know is a very healing place, a place to come to work through decisions and problems,but also a place to celebrate and be grateful for what we have. The Lifespirit and Transition shrines are used by many to light candles, burning affirmations or simple choosing a wisdom card for the day.

I have always let the building, the Universe and the many who use the building guide the progress of the building. These are uncertain times and I am being directed to renewing the website at present while the galleries future is in the balance. I created the blog pages to keep alive the Open Studio in peoples hearts and would love to make the site more of a community. Not sure how that will happen and I am open to suggestions. 

I will try my best to honour  the path I am presently on to the best of my ability. May Your Lights Shine!"  Courtney Davis

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