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Opening To Infinity 1 (2019)

People often comment that my art is reminiscent of a ayahuasca experience or an image that may have come up in a meditation. Thankfully and miraculously I went through all the drug culture in the 60's and never touched anything apart from copious pints of Newcastle Brown Ale, that were never going to open me up to any higher consciousness. The idea of The Opening to Infinity videos has come from the very positive feedback I have had from my other painting videos and people wanting to know more about the process of creating the art. So, I will try to share how the art develops in future videos, but like Corn Circles I often sit in front of the past work and wonder how the hell did I do that :) You can view a lot of my history and videos of most of my books at The background music is by my old mate Michael Law and you can view his albums at

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