Cangleska Wakan -sacred Circle
"Sacred Circle" or "Hoop," is based on the Sioux concept that everything in the universe is intertwined and that all things that exist are connected in one continuous process of growth and progression. Upholding The values of ceremonies, storytelling, songs, religion, bravery, respect, wisdom, generosity, the four directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, teachings from elders, and that everything which is good and holy is represented in the shape of a circle.  

Mythic Circle
From start to finish took me 7 weeks work on the painting, and I was constantly being asked for its title and if I could share its meaning. Different suggestions were offered as to its possible symbolism, but my own feeling was not to get drawn into meaning and just to embrace the magic of the visual and emotional connection of the image.  The Mythic Circle was completed a few days before my 70th birthday and feels like the beginning of a new chapter emerging for my art and Courtney.

Cangleska Wakan- Sacred Circle


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    Enjoy the art but please don't steal it, that kills creativity