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Archangel Uriel
  Root Chakra

Tone Ut-396 Hz     

Turning Grief to Joy Liberating Guilt and Fear.

This spray invokes the energy of Archangel Uriel. You can call on Uriel when you need to manifest the virtue of DILIGENCE. The demon of the root chakra is fear. Fear stops us from creating and taking action in our lives. Uriel can help us build trust and peaceful within .If we are disconnected to our physical bodies we will also be disconnected from the intuitive guidance from our higher souls. Remaining grounded – fully present in the here and now – will help us overcome our fears and remain DILIGENT and peaceful in our ascension process.

Ingredients: Tone  Ut-396 Hz turning grief into joy, liberating guilt and fear *Full moon ceremony *Crystal quartz *Intention *Water from the  White Cow -Hill of Tara* Florida water from the Amazon

Practice:   Spray 3 times your auric field. Call Archangel  Uriel three times visualize Ruby Red Ray around your belly  with 3 deep breaths,  ask  for healing. Say thank you for healing.



Archangel Uriel Angelic Spray


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