Max attendees would be 8 with an excellent one day fee of €60 p/p. 


The ‘Heal your Life’ one day experience will allow participants to take home incredible skills of self-care, positive change and personal growth. 

It is perfect for all interested people of all ages and will be especially valuable to young people struggling with anxiety, confidence, assertiveness, stress. 
As a fully qualified behavioural change coach Master Practitioner (IPPS NLP Mastery) and health and safety trainer, I deliver workshops and training on a weekly basis for CITLTD based in Dublin. This program design however is where my heart is most at home. 

Gifting clients the tools to open themselves to a new awareness of being and how to imagine, design and create the life they want. 

Teaching clients how to take charge of their internal self- talk loops and unwanted embedded habits. 

Providing coaching and insights as to how to get out of our own way and identify the emotions/thoughts/traumas that can hold us back from reaching potential in the moment and in the future. 

Participants will be taught how to condition themselves to bring themselves to the present moment and how to lean out of conflict with themselves and others. 

Those who attend will leave with concrete re-usable skills that will dramatically improve wellbeing and relationships with others. 

The take home experience includes the following and added extras such as energy circle and introduction to body scanning. 

1: NLP techniques that dissolve anxiety and fear. Spinning/Timeline/Threading
2: Incredible new ways of communicating with yourself and others. Active Listening Skills and YourStoryShare
3: Guided visualisation that nourishes the soul and mind bringing about profound personal insight.
4: Learning how to improve areas of your life that need attention through the use of powerful questions and wheel of fortune worksheet.
5: Changing your old story and how to create a new one. 
6: Habit Change with MCBT 

Max attendees would be 8 with an excellent one day fee of €60 p/p. 



 Tara Open Studio, Hill Of Tara, Meath, Ireland   Telephone +353 (0) 87 395 4580   Email: courtneyontara@gmail.com

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