I have been working as an artist and writer since leaving West Surrey College of Art and Design in 1982 with a BA Hons in Sculpture. I went to live in Wookey Hole in Somerset in 1983, since when my work has been available in nearby Glastonbury and has also been sold all over the UK and in many other countries around the world.

Many of my earlier designs are produced by Star Child and available both on their website and their shop in Glastonbury seen here under the staircase in The Glastonbury Experience courtyard.

I now live in Glastonbury where I have a shop selling my new work in the alleyway next to Yin Yang in the High Street.


Much of my work comes from a deep level of consciousness beyond my understanding. Some images appear during meditation and others simply emerge from the clay.

In recent work, whilst still wishing to celebrate the feminine in us all, as I have for over thirty years, I am also drawn to portray images that express balance between female and male.

Phillipa Bowers

 Tara Open Studio, Hill Of Tara, Meath, Ireland   Telephone +353 (0) 87 395 4580   Email: courtneyontara@gmail.com

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Enjoy the art but please don't steal it, that kills creativity