Evening meditations Hill of Tara Open Studio
These classes are to support and assist anyone who is drawn to the sacred energy of Tara.Those who feel a very strong connection with Tara.
Anyone curious about angels and archangels
Those who are drawn to crystals
Those that are curious or drawn to energy work
Those who would like to learn to meditate
Those who would like support and advise about meditating
Those that  would like to learn how to release stress, inner conflict or fear
Those who are longing for inner peace and calm
Anyone who would  like more direction, inner guidance and purpose
Those who feel it’s time to reset their intentions 
Those who are ready to let go of old pattern or  thoughts
Those who are drawn to develop their intuition.

Although the above list is long and varied when you work in the pure healing energy of Tara you connect with all the possibilities that Tara can bring.  This class is open to one and all from beginner to the more experienced.  
Typically during these classes we have a short introduction and chat.  We then do a guided healing meditation to support the participant to release anything which is causing stress, anxiety, fear or not at peace within the body or mind.  We then have general feedback. 
You then have an opportunity to focus upon what you would like to release from your life and what you would like to bring in.  This is done privately and not shared.  I find it to be extremely powerful as you are combining your intentions with powerful healing angelic light.  When you allow yourself to consciously focus upon your intentions after meditation, your mind is calm and clear and you are able to focus in a way that may be difficult at other times.  This often leads to new clarity and perspective.  

The second meditation is an guided angelic meditation.  This gives the participant an opportunity to consciously connect with an angel or archangel, allowing them to communicate their intentions or whatever they wish or to ask for healing or support for at this time.   It is often powerful and transformative. 
You then have an opportunity to send positive healing energy to anything which you feel needs more support or assistance at this time in your life.  To end you have an opportunity to choose some guidance cards which I will assist you to interpret if you wish. 

 For more information please see

or see my Facebook page Debbie Boyle – Angelic Connections. Classes cost 15 each, spaces are limited so please ensure you book your place by ringing or texting Debbie on 0863949117 Website

 Tara Open Studio, Hill Of Tara, Meath, Ireland   Telephone +353 (0) 87 395 4580   Email:

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