The Brigid Crosses are made on Tara by Kyrie Murray.

The Saint Brigid’s Cross is one of the archetypal symbols of Ireland, while it is considered a Christian symbol, There are four main styles of St. Bridget cross, each popular in different parts of Ireland. Saint Brigid’s Cross may well have its roots in the pre-Christian goddess Brigid. The cross is usually made from rushes or, less often, straw,  the rushes  should be pulled rather than cut from a bog, damp field or river bank and comprises a woven square in the centre and four radials tied at the ends, and sprinkled with holy water. The cross is traditionally hung on the kitchen wall or often kept under the rafters of the roof to  protect the the house from fire and evil. In some traditions, the cross from the previous year is taken down and burnt, and then replaced by the new one.

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