In 2011, Courtney woke one morning to a room where Courtney couldn't be found, there was only a sense of awareness of space and a connection to everything, there was a strong sense of the illusory nature of physical reality, that the physical reality we take for granted only exists in the form we are seeing it, in a few centimetres in the back of the brain. That this reality we are experiencing is actually a simulation, similar to a computer game. With the help of a friend Courtney was put back together again though the connection was never the same as before. There is more a sense of awareness of this supposedly physical form and its experience within this illusory world. Once this is realised then the shackles of fear, guilt, hate, longing and neediness that bar us from true happiness are released, that connection to I am that's fearful or hurting is experienced from a point of awareness of the feeling rather than being the feeling. It's  a point of  being that doesn't  connect  with  the  past  and  has  no need to know the future but instead resides only in the moment of now and rests in whatever unfolds. This is not to say that theses emotions no longer exist for him, but now they are mostly seen and  acknowledged as part of the physical illusion and not who he is.

The paintings of the Awakening Journey were painted at different  stages of the evolvement and with the discovery that after 40 years on a spiritual path that he hadn't even started.

21 cms x 21 cms  68 pages coloured illustrations

 Tara Open Studio, Hill Of Tara, Meath, Ireland   Telephone +353 (0) 87 395 4580   Email:

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Enjoy the art but please don't steal it, that kills creativity