We search for spiritual grounding. We seek wisdom to create meaning in our lives, to nurture our souls, and to guide us to the wholeness, power and potential of who we are as sacred people. In our quest many paths open before us. For those of us with Irish ancestry we often long for the resonance of a wisdom tradition that is uniquely and authentically ours. This book is an exploration of that wisdom tradition.

Judith Nilan is a teacher, writer, and minister. She leads sacred iourneys to Ireland and workshops based on Ireland's indigenous spiritual wisdom. She and her husband. Dennis, live in a numinous landscape nestled near the coastal waters oi Washington State. Judith can be reached directly by email: judith@stonefires.com

 Tara Open Studio, Hill Of Tara, Meath, Ireland   Telephone +353 (0) 87 395 4580   Email: courtneyontara@gmail.com

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